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Welcome to our blog, maybe some of you for the first time. Especially ‘Grade 3 students!’

Some of our learning focusses will be; Continuing with Cyber Awareness, Coding-computer science, Duolingo, Emailing, Publisher-Calendars/cards/brochures, Excel, Using shortcuts, Touch Typing, Creating-publishing work on YouTube and many other interesting programs, and of course building a Digital Dossier! (Especially for those that have worked hard and have their own blogs.) Grade 6 blogs are then deleted by the beginning of the following school year once they have had time to share with their families and new school.

Parents/Guardians and students, please leave any reflection comments underneath the Reflection page regarding the learning progress in computers. (Within the Reflection WIKI-discussion tab.) Ask for assistance from your child if you need help. We’ve been through this many times during class. It’s much easier if you subscribe to your child’s blog or our blog using your email address. Some students have already been shown this, others will see this first term.

Remember to remain positive and only use first names. Please feel free to email me directly at any time. My email is kennedy.skye.s@edumail.vic.gov.au


Blogging Guidelines

Internet safety is of utmost importance at Eastbourne.

Through blogging, the students have the opportunity to learn about appropriate online behaviours in an authentic and supervised setting.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging:

Blogs are a way to share our ideas and our learning with other people; including the parents of our school community. This means that it is very important that we understand how to use our blog and the internet in a safe way.

These guidelines have been put together to promote online safety to our students when blogging.

  • Students will only be identified by first names. All comments should have first names only.
  • Students are NOT to give out any personal information about themselves or other people (such as surnames, addresses, phone numbers, email accounts etc.)
  • Parents who leave comments are asked not to use last names either. (Please comment as ‘Lachlan’s Dad’, ‘Mia’s Mum’ etc.)
  • All comments submitted have to be approved by the blog manager before they are included on the blog. Inappropriate or sloppy writing will not be approved.
  • All comments must be polite, respectful and courteous.
  • Please proof read comments carefully. Students should have a family member check for spelling mistakes before submitting a comment.
  • Always write in full sentences and please do not use text talk.
  • Others work, music, images or videos will not be used without permission and attribution.


Blogging Rules and Guidelines are adapted from;





Touch Typing (Follow the link, snip your results & show me.)

Grade 5-6 eSmart Pre-test (Follow the link, snip your results & show me.)

Shortcuts (I’ll test you at an appropriate time)

Basic set for ICT

blogging-and-internet-consequences-flowchart Discuss with your family & sign the Pledge to be returned

blogs-grades-3-6-ict-blog Discuss and have signed then return the front page to school

Grade 3 students or new students will need an email address, to be added to the ICT blog as a User and to supply your own USB & headphones. These notices above will need to be read, signed and discussed with your carer ASAP. When you create your password, make sure it has 6 characters & easy for you however challenging for others.


  • ICT Rules! Discuss the rules/policies/Pledge about ICT protocol-have the contract signed & brought back to school
  • Collect your parents/carers & teachers email addresses & add them to your address book within your Netspace account (Including mine!) mrsmiller@eastbourne.vic.edu.au (Show me your address book once this is complete.)
  • Have your parents/carers subscribe to our blog and your own when you have one (We have had a workshop about this, if you were away let me know! Then show me this once complete grade 5 & 6 students)
  • Set up your folders in the ‘Student Public’ drive for important classroom work and all DT assessment work only. (Classroom & DT) Use the short cut CTRL + Shift + N (All other rough draft work will be saved into your private home drive labelled with your student ID. Please do not save music or large unnecessary files anywhere as they take up too much space. If you ask Mr Swayn nicely, he may be able to save some new ‘G’ rated songs into the “s” drive for your work.)
  • Rename your USB with your user name & room number. E.g. SkyeM7
  • Follow the correct link for your Grade Level to join the Duo Lingo 2018 Classroom & add your peers (If you haven’t last year)
  • Your new avatar needs to be created. You must never use your actual photo so I’d like you to follow this link and create a cartoon one. You’ll need to use snipping tool and save a copy in your Images folder please!https://www.cartoonify.de/
  • By the time you have reached the end of year 6, all of the eSmart tasks should be completed. (See the eSmart page for the tasks!)

When you’ve read everything on this page click here to clean your screen. Then hit Esc & go on with the above tasks. Think about which Rubric you would like to begin with. I will also instruct you when to complete each pre-test.

To clean your computer screen…


Know When to Use Which File Format: PNG vs. JPG, DOC vs. PDF, MP3 vs. FLAC